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God, he was taking you in, you voting right along with

"I know," Mr, Munn said gloomily.
"Trying to take us all in," Mr. Christian continued,
"giving a party up there in that big house a dope fiend's money
built, and patting us on the back and pouring out the likker.
By God, it makes a man want to puke. What does he think
I am? Is a man a hog to come to his holler because he
slopped him? I ask you now, am I a whore to unbutton just
because I see a five-dollar bill? Hell, no! and it's all the same
whether it's in a feather bed or behind the barn. Whether
he's rich or poor, it don't matter to me. And there's hams
in my smokehouse better'n the bastard ever put on his table,
and flour in the flour barrel, and whisky on the shelf, and no
woman I drove dope-crazy built my house. Hell, no, my folks
built it, and ain't a joist slipped yet, nor a rafter sagged."

"Good-bye/5 the Captain said, and put out his hand. "I
think Til go out home/'

They shook hands with him. His face, Mr. Munn noticed,
even in the dim light, was pale and drawn. As he walked
away toward the bright square of the doorway, his figure
seemed to have lost some of its erectness, and his step seemed
less firm. Mr. Munn nodded after him, saying, " This'll hurt
him. He thought something of Tolliver."

"Yeah," Mr. Christian grunted. He was studying Mr.
Munn's face, Then he asked, " Well, what are you gonna do

"I don't know," Mr. Munn said. "I don't know what
to do."

*' I know what to do."

"What?" Mr. Munn demanded.

" Naw," Mr. Christian said, " naw. Not today." He sud-
denly stepped directly in front of Mr. Munn, and seized him
by the shoulder, and stared into his face. "You come out to
mj house tomorrow night And I'll tell you. You come and
spend the night"

Mr, Munn nodded slowly, abstractedly.